The Shambles ( Diagon Alley ) - York   ~ Jigsaw Puzzle , A3 size, 285 pieces

The medieval Shambles of York; cobbled and imposing, you could be forgiven for feeling each step taken reverberates with historical significance.

Once lined with butcher upon butcher, Shambles was designed intentionally to be compact and evade sunlight that may have spoiled the wares once purveyed.

Nowadays, there isn’t such an establishment in sight, yet you may notice a meat-hook or two hanging outside some premises.

It’s part of the charm, some might say.

Saint Margaret Clitherow, English martyr of the Roman Catholic Church, and wife of one of the Shambles butchers of old, is honoured with a shrine in the vicinity.

The inspiration for many a fiction, this example of medieval purveyance is one of the most well-preserved in Europe, and has a quality of entrancement to the flocks who visit.


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Each puzzle is handcrafted and one of a kind, designed according to the theme of the image for an elevated puzzling experience. 

Every box is unique in his own way by the pin wood pattern and the dye wood shade.


Countless hours of planning and crafting goes into the creation of each of these puzzles. 

This puzzle will be a wonderful conversation piece and look gorgeous as a piece of art on your wall once finished! 


We take pride in craftsmanship and do our best to ensure our product arrives at your home just
as beautiful as it left ours. 

Our goal is to spread the joy love of puzzling from our home to yours and beyond.


A3 Size puzzle 297 x 420 mm  ( portrait)

11.7 x 16.5 inches

19 x 15 = 285 pieces

3 mm thickness


The Shambles ( Diagon Alley ) - York ~ Jigsaw Puzzle , A3 size, 285 pieces

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